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After more than 10 years visiting Thailand, Sebastien and Laura decided to leave the grey clouds of Paris,

to live in Thailand and they opened the Jungle Wheels shop in Bangrak, Koh Samui, in March 2022. 

In France,SEBASTIEN was the owner of a scooter dealership (Piaggio) for 13 years, so it was obvious for him to stay in this field that he knows well. With this experience, he can bring his expertise of two-wheels to all customers wishing to rent a motorbike. He really wants to change the reputation of motorbike rental companies in Thailand by building a relationship of trust and offering motorbikes in perfect condition and safe.

LAURA studdied theatre and cinema. She was working for 10 years as a restaurant manager and then as a personnal assistant, she brings her great organization skills and her creativity to build a fun brand, a nice well decorated shop, modern marketing materials, as well as a presence on social networks. 

They are now so happy of this huge change of life ! They adopted a thai dog (Djai) and when they are not working they explore Koh Samui jungle roads, watch sunset, have muay thai classes, enjoy thai food...

HOONG is working at Jungle Wheels Samui since the beginning of the adventure ! He is the manager of the shop. He can speak four languages (english, thai, chinese, malaysian), he is hyper organized and conscientious. Always in a good mood, you will be greeted by his warm smile and he will provide you tailored advice on a scenic route or a local eatery. 

BIG is the most recent addition to the team. Naturally calm, he is very meticulous. Big takes care of pampering the motorbikes. He ensures they are always perfectly clean before each customer. He also checks the tire pressure so that you can ride on a scooter in complete safety.


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