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Do you have questions about renting a motorbike at Jungle Wheels ? Find out what we're most often asked.

Browse the list, and if you still can't find an answer, contact us.


- Is IT EASY, safe, to ride in Koh samui ?

Koh Samui is not a tiny island and could have a busy traffic. For people with experience, it will not be a problem. For other, it could be difficult to adapt to the ride on the left side, lots of motorbikes everywhere, sandy patches on the road, street dogs, steep roads... That's why we never rent to beginner. But if you are an experienced rider, it will be easy for you to go with the flow, to adapt your driving and to keep an eye on tricky situations or riders. 

And riding a motorbike on Koh Samui is an unmatched mix of freedom and flexibility. 



We don't take your passport as a deposit, we only take a picture of it. But we will ask for a money deposit : 2000THB for a Click 125CC , 3000THB for a NMAX or a Click 160cc, 4000THB for a PCX or an ADV 150CC or 160CC, 6000THB for a Forza, a Xmax or an ADV 350CC. 
We collect the deposit in cash when we deliver the motorcycle. You can also leave the deposit in dollars or euros. The deposit is refunded immediately if you return the motorcycle in the same condition as you received it. You will always receive confirmation of the cash deposit paid. This confirmation is part of the contract signed when the motorcycle is delivered.

Is there any insurance included ?

Like everywhere in Thailand, rental motorbikes are not insured !

All motorbikes are delivered to you in good condition and are checked over with you before you are leaving the shop (we always take pictures of the bike). It is your responsibility to return the bike in the same condition as it was delivered to you.

In case of damages you will be asked to reimburse us for any damage caused to the vehicle while in your care.

We never charge you any more than is necessary for any damage incurred.

We have a spare parts documents for each bike that you can consult at the shop. 

All of our motorcycles come with medical insurance free of charge, it's more a government tax than an insurance. It covers all road accident victims, including the drivers, passengers, and third parties but it is quite basic and will not cover the whole cost of treatment in case of serious injuries.

You can also suscribe before your trip to a travel insurance, but remember :  it's working only if you have an international motorbike driver license (A, not A1 or AM). 


i am not very experienced about riding motorbikes ?

Before renting a motorbike we will always ask you to have the full motorcycle driving licence (A in Europe) and a solid experience about riding (like riding daily at home). We reserve the right to refuse or stop any rental to a beginner or someone who does not master the driving of a motorbike or who doesn't have the proper licence. Renting a motorbike in Thailand is really not a good idea to learn how to drive or to go back on tracks.
First, you might hurt yourself, or someone, there are a lot of accidents here. In addition, if you damage the motorbike or if you have an accident with another vehicle because you do not control the motorcycle, you will have to pay all the repairs. We understand that the motorbike is a great and economical way to discover the island but if you do not know how to drive, for your own safety you should use public transport or taxis, or rent a car. 


It's the law in Thailand : you should wear your helmet ! Not only police can stop you and give you a fine, but for your safety it's so important ! 

We know that's lots of people, thai, tourists or expats don't wear it, but don't do like them. Even at low speed, helmets offer vital protection for your head in case of unexpected situations on the road.  At Jungle Wheels your safety is our priority !


Do you deliver the motorbikes ?

Sure ! We deliver and pick up any motorbikes for at least 3 days rental for most of our motorbikes, and 5 days for the small scooters like Clicks, Filano or Fazzio, during shop opening hours . 

We deliver if you are staying less than 9kms from our shop, in Bangrak, Bophut, Mae Nam, Chaweng.

We're sorry, but we can't deliver to the airport as we don't have the necessary permissions. However, we can pick up the scooter at the end of your stay at the airport.

If your hotel is not in those areas, unfortunately you will have to pick up (and return) your motorbike at the shop ! 

We don't deliver or rent any motorbikes if your accomodation is on Chaweng Noi hill, some parts of Bophut hill or if the road to get to your place is too steep. Some seaview villas in Koh Samui are buit on the mountain and the roads are not only very dangerous, but also very bad for the engine as our motorbikes are automatic ones and are not made to go up the mountain. 

Delievery rules jungle wheels


Sorry but, no you can't ! 

If you have an accident with the motorbike, the owner (us) has to come to deal with the police. We can only do that if you are on Koh Samui. We cannot close the shop, take a boat, to meet you in Phangan. 

It's the same if you have a mechanical problem. 

According to the agreement that you ve signed at the beginning of the rental, you will follow this rule, or you will be fined. 

Can i read the contract before booking ?

Sure ! Everything is transparent at Jungle Wheels ! 

You can click on the button bellow and choose your language

francoise hardy motorcycle


Just send us a message on Whatsapp and we will book the motorbike for you (according to availability). You have to send us the picture of your passport and driving licence. You will pay the deposit and the rental the day of the delivery !

Be aware that we cannot book in advance many motorbikes for the same people for few days (for example 4 clicks for 3 days in 2 months)

yellow scooter

My flight back is early, or on a sunday or at 11pm...

We are open from monday to saturday, from 9am to 6pm. If your flight is at 8am, you will have to return the motorbike the day before at 6pm. We are closed on sunday, so you will have to return your motorbike on saturday evening or monday from 9 am. 

fun motorbike


If you ve just had an accident with a car (and it's car's fault), call us right away, we have to deal with the car insurance and with the police. Never leave the accident place without the document from the insurance or the police report. 

If you ve scratched the motorbike or fell with it, first, make sure you are ok. Then please contact us, we will have to check the motorbike and order the parts. Please don't wait for the last day to notice us about damages on the bike. 


Can I rent a motorbike for 1 DAY ?

Our minimum rental time is 3 days ! 

Why can't you rent for just one day ? Because we try to offer a premium service to our customer : motorbikes are deep cleaned after each rental, same as helmets, we can deliver the motorbike, pick it up, offer some tips about the island... 

And it will be impossible to do all that for just 1 day of rental, for all our motorbikes. We would have too many motorbikes to clean each day and our team couldn't keep up !

Most of the other rental companies will accept 1 day rental, but we don't, thanks for your understanding. 


We only rent automatic bikes. Those bikes are meant to be ridden on some concrete and more or less flat roads. You cannot ride those bikes off road and on too steep roads. It's forbidden to go for expemple at the temple located at the highest point of Koh Samui (Pra buddha dipankara) or at some restaurants with sea view up on the hill (like The Roof). Many tour can bring you there with a 4X4 wheels car, but don't go there with our bikes, cause it's dangerous, you can loose your brakes on the way down as there is no engine brake on the bike. 

Most of the time, avoid the middle of the island and the mountains and stay on the ring road. 

free your mind

Rest assured, you'll always receive a motorbike in impeccable condition from us, and we trust you to return it in the same state. Before you take the motorbike, we document its condition through pictures and encourage you to do the same. If there are scratches upon return, you'll be responsible for the cost of replacing damaged parts. We pride ourselves on maintaining our bikes, so replacing damaged parts ensures they stay in top-notch condition. This cost covers the part and labor; it's not profit for us and often results in a loss due to the bike being out of service (for days and sometimes weeks). Our scooters use plastic parts, so we don't repaint them like cars. We maintain transparency by providing a document listing the prices of all parts.

In situations where a third party causes damage, such as in a parking lot, we advise you to request compensation from the individual responsible. As per our agreement, you're liable for any damages to the motorbike, even if it's not directly your fault.

Remember that the road is dangerous on Koh Samui, the best way when you travel with kids is to rent a car. 

If you still want to rent a motorbike with us : 

- We don't allow babies and small kids on our motorbikes

- We don't allow 3 people on the motorbike. One adult and one kid maximum. The kid has to be old enough to be able to hold himself (8 years old minimum). 

- We only have one size of kid helmets and it's not so small so bring your own helmet for a perfect fit. 

- We don't accept kid on the motorbike if the rider doesn't have the A driving licence. 

It may seem a bit harsh or strict to you, and perhaps you have seen that Thais sometimes have 4 or 5 people on a scooter with babies or young children. But just because Thais do it doesn't mean tourists should do it, or that it's legal.

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